All dem boys! Introduction.

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Hallos and welcome to my blog! There's nothing much to talk about but "boys"! or in this case since we are all grown, let's refer to them as "men, or guys". I'm creating this blog for my own private thoughts, experiences, documentation, not for the public but if it eventually becomes good enough to share with the outside world then hey.... enjoy it.

This whole thing birthed from my love to keep diaries. I'm not very good at having in-depth one on one love type conversations with a guy in person so I like to write notes, letters, to my men. (to my friend Tayo, can you see now that this is just who I am? so stop harassing me to share stuff with you).
I think I am this way because I'm afraid of rejection. You know it's kind of awkward to pour your heart out to a guy and he just seats there staring at you or you send him an IM like "I'm so crazy about you", or "I miss you", or "can we have lunch or dinner" and you can see he read it at so so time, which was hours ago but he doesn't respond. You then start to feel like a mumu or an odenson. But because love is shacking you, you will still come back the next day and type "I miss you". SMH...

I'm afraid of situations like that because I'm an offender myself, in fact serial offender sef.  I've done this countless times with guys who tell me "Savannah, you are shacking me, my love for you is doing me kung fu in my heart, I think of you when I eat, when I sleep, when I'm in class, when I see any other woman.....infact, I can't function without you in my life". Me, I just sit there politely and do the awwws and eeeyas, and the "you're so sweet, or thank you". I leave that meeting feeling like a jerk for just 5 minutes and then I forget about them entirely. Although, I must confess some of them do need to be forgotten about though 'cos their so called love has the life span of 30 seconds max!. Awon alakori............they want to come and get some. Do I look like i'm in primary 2? ehn?. Hisssss...

Anyways, back to our conversation o jare; I just found myself going from offender to now offender and victim. How on earth did I manage to find myself in this predicament? Thank you for asking. I know you are just as curios as I am. Ofofo is worrying you. hehehehehe See you next time.

***Love is a beautiful thing.


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Sister Savannah...odikwa serious. Am finding this your blog interesting o. Looking forward to the continuation....


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All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things bright and wonderful
The LORD GOD made them all!

You are unique in your own way
Me sef get my own and that what makes us unique!

Btw, happy new year.