Nna, my own must come!

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Hello Lovies,

How have you been? I've been doing great, thanks for asking. Sooooo many beautiful things to celebrate and be grateful for in this month of October. Multiple birthdays of very special people, parties -owambe and the takasufe types; new purchases..etc... in short sha, God buttered my agege bread plenty times this month!
That's all about me. So what happened to you this month? Any interesting news, gist? You know I want to hear about your escapades and all. While you are trying to figure out if you wanna share or not, let me give you my own gist.

You know how like 2 weeks ago I mentioned now being the "victim" of love? My people, this love is shacking me no be small. Let me not drag a long story sha but let me give you some background info. I just sat down one day and was like God, this 2013 is gradually coming to an end o, and no husband dearest in sight (forget all that boyfriend runs; me, i'm going straight for the jugular). I was getting a little worried and a tad unhappy about it. I have everything else a woman could want except the second layer of icing on the cake (the 1st layer is the gift of life). Now, before all my 22nd century feminist come and start yarning this or that, abeg to each his own o. If you want to go through your life without the other sex as your companion, lover, bestie, champion, support system, baby daddy, love, fan, voltron, etc, that's your own o. If you are very content being a nun, or using a vibrator for the rest of your life, or just sampling buffet after buffet of the opposite sex, then biko na your wahala be that. I no fit shout abeg but me o, I want a man. Yes, I talk am. I WANT A MAN. Simple as ABC.

So sha, back to my talk before i digressed, I was talking to God about this man issue thing and next thing I know the men just started coming out of the woods. Habaaaaaaa!! But you know what, na all manner of men BUT the one I desire. There were old toasters (even the one I had sheped\cursed for), short ones sef (my mum said, Savannah, abeg let this short one go before people start calling you guys David and Goliath), even broke ones that asked me to buy plane tickets or contribute to their ticket fee, even one that claims to be spiri-koko aka man of God who blatantly lied and then said (sweerie, don't let this little lies of mine come between us). When I say all manner, I truly mean all manner. This got me even more depressed.

I am of the firm believe though that when God want's to do something, that's when you have deflectors like I did with this men. I remain firm and focused, and will not settle for the one my heart does not want.

For like the last week or two, there has been a youtube video circulating the web, of a newly wed couple doing their grand entrance at their reception venue. I watched the video and I fell in love with the love and ease between this bride and groom. (note, I said the love between them, and not the couple themselves). From the video, I could tell this two are in love, and not only that, they are actually friends who also seem to be excited about spending the rest of their lives together.
You do know that not everyone is happy to be getting married on their wedding day right? .......just saying.
Although, we all know to never judge a book by its cover I am willing to bet that in this case the cover matches the content. I pray that if this is what true love looks like, then I want it as well. Enjoy their video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0P4p41KhKo

May God grant us our heart's desires. My own must come!

My love shacking story continues in my next post!



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December 30, 2013 at 10:00 AM delete

lol at David and Goliath. Sound like something my mother would say as well.. Good post.

January 1, 2014 at 3:48 AM delete

Like they said, before you kiss your prince, you must have kissed many frogs.
I'm interpreting it figuratively and not the literal meaning.

July 26, 2015 at 5:05 PM delete

I pray yours comes too and is even more beautiful than this (that's if it hasn't come already lol).
Wow.. Iv been reading your blog non stop for the past few days since I came across a post up on bella naija from you, this is my first comment. Reading your blog has been a roller-coaster ride, I couldn't catch a break till I got to the end, you are an incredibly entertaining writer, I wish I had your spunk!!
I keep a blog as well but have been having bloggers block (if there is any such thing) since forever lol...
Savannah it's a real pleasure to meet you and get to know you through your writings. You are blessed. I love your work. Please check out my blog whenever you can and leave some feedback if you will. Thank you!! You have a fan!


July 27, 2015 at 4:31 PM delete

Dear C.B.G,

You totally, absolutely made my day!! I'm super honored and very much blushing at your commemt. Thank you so very much. I'm hoping over to your blog to go read. Thank you again!