Life dey Naija

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Hello Lovies,

I promise you that in this upcoming 2014, there will be a weekly post from me. In the meantime please enjoy this sporadic posts from me.
So one of my lovies -very correct omo eleh like got married recently and yours truly attended by God's Grace. The whole wedding weekend was beyond awesome! It made me think "choiii, na naija life dey biko". As in! I had fun. We all had fun. It was off the chain.

Not only was I in town to have fun, but I needed to tie up some lose ends and to see someone in person. There was this one guy who I had known for a long time -since high school days; however he was one of dem scripture union guys back then. If you remember clearly then, they even used to have this funny way of walking - they used to push their yansh forward instead of backwards like traffic causing girls like to do. I never understood the yansh forward thing then cos I was wondering if they were making all attempts to make sure their butt was unattractive to the opposite sex? Someone please help me out here.
Anyway, this guy started harassing me on facebook and we became friends. Yes, just friends. nothing else. He never asked me out and I was never attracted to him in that sense but I respect and admire him as a person. He's an admirable young man doing his thing and I couldn't be more proud of a man who is a self made man. So 3 yrs into our friendship this guy starts asking me to marry him. I was like oginni, now you want to marry me? Well, as interesting as the whole thing sounded, I just wasn't feeling him and I really don't want a marriage of convenience. He expressed his love and what not over and over again and try as I did, I just couldn't develop any serious feeling about him. Aside from no love erupting from me, I've always felt he is childish - a tad immature for me.

 How did I come about this conclusion? By him reporting his own self to me. He was always getting into verbal altercations with people in his business and I was always appalled at his choice of words at addressing such issues. I would give my opinion sometimes and advise that he go back and handle things differently. Sometimes he would listen and sometimes he wouldn't - which was fine anyways.
Through this 2013 he continued on his "marry me" voyage but I wasn't convinced based on many more reasons I would skip here. One of these times I suggested that we just remain friends and perhaps future business partners. Mehn, this guy flipped at this suggestion. There was nothing he didn't say to me on the epistle he wrote to me. I had to read and reread the email when it came in. Let's just say it started with "what effrontery you have at suggesting that we be friends when I said I want to marry you. Who do you think you are Savannah...........". Dear readers, fear catch me. It was like the guy had a temporary loss of his mind just because I said NO to his proposal.
He un-friended me on facebook to buttress his point. I kuku didn't flinch. I was quiet the entire time and didn't even bother saying much. The only response he got from me was "all of these because I said No? Now i know I had good reasons for saying No". After 3 weeks, he came back begging. I accepted his apology and accepted his friend request on FB again.
Through the rest of the year, I've been convinced he is NOT the one. He kept asking for an answer to his proposal and my answer was always NO, along with explanations about my other concerns.

So sha, when I was in town, I decided to see him so I could tie that end up for good. We had lunch and we went over the whole thing again. 2 days after that lunch, he starts again that now that he has seen me in person again (yes, he's seen me the year before), he realizes even more he really wants me. I was telling myself that didn't we just meet to close this chapter? I explained to him again that it wouldn't work. Dear readers, all hell let lose again!  My goodness....I was at tears by the time the 20th text message came from him that night. I had to un-friend him from FB and block his numbers. I just can't deal.

Have a fantastic New Year and see you weekly starting from next week. 2014, here we come!