Singing......."things are getting better.....things are getting better..."

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.........for the Lord is on the throne, things are getting better, things are getting better, things are getting better...

Hey Lovies,

Now I think I'm on a blog roll. I can't stop typing. I tire for myself o. I've signed off for 2013 a couple of posts ago but here I am still posting. I just had to come and give y'all small gist.

Soooooo, what had happened was that, there is this guy at my "triple A group" who just mentioned that he likes me. As in he likes me, Savannah. Choii, "singing.... God na helele, God e na waya oo, nobody be like am, nobody dey like am, eh oo, wan ne God e na helele".
Ok, back to tory matter. This bros is a gentleman as far as I know, let's just call him Jide. Jide na yoruba, but I'm not so I had never really looked at him like that like that. You know what I mean now ehn. As per single woman concern, it is your duty to know about and of the eligible bachelors at your church, place of work or anywhere two or more gather. I had generally done a once over sweep over him and determined that he was a nice guy but maybe not the first in line sha.
I went out yesterday and ran into him. We sort of live in the same city so it was not unusual to have crossed paths. We exchanged pleasantries and all and 'ol boy was grinning from ear to ear. I was asking myself "how the thing dey do this guy now? Why is he so happy?" Not knowing the bros was staring at a flower in the garden that he wanted to pluck.

So sha, after about 10 minutes of talk sha, we went our separate ways. Yours truly was getting shy at some point cos Jide was just cheesing from ear to ear. I got home and gbam, a text message came in; my dear Sav, you sure was looking beautiful when I saw you. I could barely take my eyes off you (that explains the cheesing). I responded back "thank you... eeya" kind of reply. Next thing I know, bros just hammer ground and said, "I like you and would like to spend time getting to know more about you. I've always been intrigued by you, and clearly very attracted to you. I would be honored if we can spend time together before I leave town".
At this time, this song "God that answereth by fire, let Him be my God" just burst forth in my head. But how am I supposed to respond to Jide's request now? The thing is, I had just made up my mind on Christmas day that in 2014, I was not going to be looking for a relationship. I was going to let a relationship find me instead. I wasn't going to succumb to pressure about settling down from friends and family (none of them has contributed to my Dr's appointment co-pay for all the visits I've had to visit due to their stress).
If I meet a great guy, fine. Otherwise, life continues beautifully. All those sexy lingerie and clothes that I had been keeping to wear when I get married, are all coming out to be worn for my very own appreciation. Biko, if clothes had expiration dates, all of them would have expired by now.

Back to Jide; there's nothing wrong with him like that o, it's just that I've never thought of him in that sense. It's kind of like this ehn, you usually drive a BMW or a Mercedes, and all of a sudden someone dashes you a full options Toyota or Honda, and you're starring at the car, realizing that although it is not a BMW or Mercedes, it serves the exact same purpose which is to get you from point A to point B. And a ride in a full options Toyota or Honda is quite enjoyable too.

Hummmmm......I tire o. What's a girl to do? Take the Toyota\Honda for a test drive with an open mind or chill and wait for a BMW or Mercedes?


Love is a beautiful thing.