Happy Valentine's Day

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Yayyy….It’s Valentine’s Day everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and you and you and you that’s bored, and you that’s manless, and you that’s babeless, and to you that’s friendless, and you that doesn’t give a flying banana about Valentine, and finally to me, myself and I. How you take like my shout out now? Lol….

So what’s popping today folks? How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? I know the men have come up with their usual nonsensical politically correct answer like “Love should be celebrated every day, not just on one day of the year” or “I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day”, or get into one annoying debate like that. Mchewww….all na wash. Abeg stop all those mis-yarnings and go and make your woman feel special abeg.

I love my country though, and I no go lie. Naija I hail thee o. As in serious Igbo Kwenu type of hail; Nigeria Kwenu, Hia; Nigeria Kweniu, hia; Nigeria Kwenu ooooo, Hiaaaaaaa oooo. Lmaooo….. You people should please forgive me biko. I just love Nigeria and its people. I love the suffering and smiling thing we got going on. We find a way to humor ourselves even in the most dire situations. In this case, although Valentine’s is not a dire situation, peeps still find a way to make a comedic situation out of it. I’ve had a field day laughing my butt off at some captions I’ve come cross this past week in reference to Valentine’s Day. I’m going to share some of them with you. I’m sure you’ve seen them all by now, except you’ve been living under a rock sha.

Okay before we get to the gifs for laughs, let me just say this: I truly do hope that today was everything you hoped and prayed that it would be. Let me remind my ladies that Valentine’s is not really about receiving gifts alone, it’s also about you giving to your love ones and that extra special boo of life. Some ladies think it’s all about the men showering them with gifts while they don’t have to give anything. Honey boo-boo, the world doesn’t work that way.

Loving someone is not all about what you get, it’s about doing everything you can to make that person’s day\life extra special. Let your imprint be on their life. Is his day a bit brighter because you did or said something? Is her day sunnier because you went the extra mile for her? It’s about doing this without expecting anything in return. Loving selflessly. I know we typical naijas don’t have the word “selfless” in our dictionary sha so I can’t blame us too much. 

That being said, may I also say that “woe betide anyone trying to use anyone, as in you dey collect dey enjoy but your maga self can’t do shish to put a smile on that person’s face? Naaaaaa, mba, woe betide that person on the realz o.  Lol….. I kid..I kid.

Anyways, enjoy the following images and remember that Love is a Beautiful thing”. 



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Oookkaaay i am here from BellaNaija.. Your post was.. (although majorly Woman Wahala regards Engine Testing.. et al) it was really Mega fun to read.. You are drop Epic aswear.. Ossssshhheeey Turn uP! I have been on here for almost an Hour reading down memory lane... But this post got me.. hehehehehe those PicShurs are Hilarious aswear.. I just had to comment on this :) hehehehehehe No be small next Year you will drown oh! :)

May 15, 2015 at 9:34 AM delete

Lolll Thanks Duru. Enjoy ALL the posts oo. eh hen....