Baby Boo, It's Valentine's Day....

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Hey Hey Hey Lovies………….

It’s Valentine’s Day again! .................well almost sha. So in 3 days, there will be an occasion celebrated all around the world, where people take time out to show their beloved how much they mean to them, when some men say yup, I’m all grown & it’s time to stop playing around, I’mma ask Baby Boo to marry me, all the while almost shitting his pants. Sheeeeesh……nobody sent you work o abeg. Anyway sha, there will be a lot of giving and sharing happening on Saturday, February 14th, and a lot of babies being born 9 months after. May I please suggest that if you do not want a baby 9 months from now you either strap up or you keep those legs closed? Simple. Odikwa easy. 

As much fun as the idea of having a Val’s day seems to some, it’s also a day met with much unease for others; especially those on the single lane. Sigh…..I really do feel for the single lane folks. It’s kind of like sitting in major traffic, and watching some people zoom off on the HOV lane- simply because they’ve got a partner in their car.  It absolutely sucks to be stuck in the rush hour traffic of the single lane. Your married\dating friends are going to get dolled up and spoiled silly on Saturday while you do\get absolutely nothing. Omashe ooo.

You know, it’s not that bad though cos the girl who gets a salt and pepper shaker from the dollar store as a gift is not any better than you; matter of fact – worse sef because she’s going to need Tylenol when she gets back home for the headache. The disappointment and anger raging through her – you, my single friend has escaped it. You’re also much better than the girl who gets taken to just the movies. I mean, c’mon guys! Movies only on Valentine’s Day? You’ve got to and can do better than that. It’s supposed to be a romantic day. Please get on google and search or if you have an Iphone ask Siri for help. You can do just movies on a regular date night. Naija guys too dey fall my hand abeg. I can’t deal………….I just can’t.

And there’s the girl who is so happy to be asked out on a date by some guy she’s crushing on, and she’s gone shopping for THE dress. She’s super excited and has told all her girls. BBM update every 5 minutes about how perfect this night is going to be. Except that she has no idea her date is not a well somebody at all. First and foremost he has told babe he will pick her up at 7.30pm because he has dinner reservations for 8pm, but he doesn’t arrive till 9pm to pick babe up. No excuses, no sorry, nothing just yeah I was late because I had to take care of business. You being the naija girl your parents raised well decided not to make a big deal of the issue. You get to the restaurant and luckily there’s a table available and dinner commences. Conversation and rapport goes well and you’re actually thinking I would total do a second date with this guy. After dinner, the guy signals to the waiter to come around, and he instructs him to bring the bill – split into 2.

May that not be your portion on Valentine’s Day, In Jesus Name. Amen. There are still other possibly worse scenarios o but I say again that may that never be your portion in Jesus Name.
When there’s no one around to love you, to adore you, to tell you how beautiful your soul, your face, your body, your person is, It’s time to look at yourself in the mirror and affirm those words to your own face and hearing; not just affirm but BELIEVE. No one can love you more than you love yourself. If anyone tried to, you wouldn’t even see it. Self-Love is in order this Valentine’s season.
So your besties are all heading out to have fun, be happy, I mean genuinely happy for them. Help them prepare for it if you’re in a position to, then get on T.V On Demand or Red box and rent Bridget Jones’s diary or The Notebook, Love Actually, or even Pretty Woman ( I Loooove Pretty Woman), order some take out, get into some comfy Pajamas and enjoy yourself. But please stay away from watching The Titanic cos that movie does not make sense at all!! You know there’s no naija guy that will sacrifice his life for you so you can be comfy by a makeshift raft. What you will hear is abeg..abeg…abeg this girl, abeg shift let me sit too, I no wan die biko. Lolll

Or if you don’t mind, take yourself out to the movies. I do this A LOT!

So what am I doing for Valentine’s Day? I’m going to soak myself in a tub filled with my Bath bombs from and some Buttermilk with a few drops of Lavender (This bath is the bomb……for real), then I’m going to use my body conditioner (not telling you which – we all can’t be smelling like Sav……heheh but it’s from Lush as well), and lastly use a healthy helping on Lovely Jubblies.
Honestly, if your husband doesn’t nearly tear off your clothes when you come out of the bathroom, you might need to have him checked or have his phone checked for the side bae cos something ain’t right.
After my bathroom traditions I’m going to order Thai take out and I’m going to plump myself on my comfy couch and watch some of the a-fore mentioned movies. Valentine’s Day is done!  See you next year.

*****Disclaimer: If you follow my bathroom ritual and you end up being knocked up – I NO DEY OOOOO.

But trust me if you use the Lush products you and your BAE will thank me later. They are not your Dove or Aveeno products so they are on the pricey end for what they do but mehnnnnn I can’t stress enough how delicious you skin will feel, taste & even look.   Okay enough of giving tips. Just thought I would share since it’s supposed to be a romantic day. 

Love is a beautiful thing.


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Forwarding straight to my husband! He has no excuses this year. Thanks for laying it down