Not Your Yard Stick

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Just before the Christmas holidays, I was passing through Union Station to catch my train as always when I decided to go through a short route in the same station to get ahead of the crowd looming ahead. I saw a familiar physique and I hesitated a bit to see if the person would turn fully around, and he did briefly but didn't see me. He was in some sort of corner talking to someone so I walked towards there to say hello, then I saw he was with a girl so I slowed down, walked sideways, backwards (Yes, I know...I know.... Warris my business there) till I was within earshot of his conversation. I actually wanted to say hello to him but I decided to "survey" the situation so I won't spoil runs for him. This guy was speaking with an English accent (I could almost swear that this boy has never lived in the U.K before so I was already giggling). In the fleet 1 or so minutes of his conversation with the girl that I overheard, I heard him say, "like I was saying, you are such a beauty, yeah, I couldn't help myself yeah, I’m so flustered right now, your number yeah, I don't really do this, yeah.....” all the while looking nervous and turning his head around.

So I’m not going to jump into conclusion about the fact that "ol boy was probably trying to holler at a girl with that phony accent, or especially with the fact that he's married.
My thing is Prince William wanna be is always always on IG flaunting what a spectacular husband he is to his beautiful wife (She is really beautiful o), and what an amazing marriage it is. Why the need to flaunt your spectacular relationship on Social media that after all isn't so spectacular if you know you are not exactly faithful to your spouse?
Please and please, if you know you are NOT faithful to your spouse or just a plain shitty spouse, you might want to think thrice before trying to convince the whole world you are in paradise. The truth is most of us don't care. And the joke is on you when we find you in compromising situations.
All these mini ashewo men running the streets.......

I should rather end on this note: This post is meant really for the men and women who are envious of what people try to make them believe on Social Media. NEVER EVER use someone's relationship as your yard stick. You really don't know what's going on in someone else's life. Most people only show what they want people to believe. Don't compare your man to that girl's man just because he bought her an SUV or her sparkler came in a Tiffany box. Truth is she'll trade her life for yours in a heartbeat! Men, don't be wishing your woman was hawt like that girl, or if only she came from a wealthy home like that girl (You probably didn't even realize she can't even boil rice for her own husband right? & someone comes from out of the country to cook enough for months at a time, & sex is once a month if the month is good). Yup, lots of bullshit going on around here. Be happy and content with what you have. The grass is not always greener on the other side


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Fatimah Tomi
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You ain't ever lied! Love your articles