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Our very first Things we love.....totally feature!

Okay, prior to August 8th 2015 I had never heard of the artist Koker at all, period, and then one day late at night my bro-in law, my sister and I were listening and gisting about naija music; me i was feeling like I was "in town" and knew all these artists and songs, and then the bro in law Bally Jay threw Koker in the mix. I turned to my sister and was like ahn ahn, how does your husband know about this correct song and artist and we are here just looking like mumu???.
On the realz though, this song is super dope!! If you like Naija pop,  Juju music and Owambe parties you'll absolutely love "Do Something" because it's a very correct blend of all 3. So like if i was going to an owambe party and wanted to set the mood on the drive there i would totally play this song on repeat.
Please please please I beg you, when you are going to an owambe or any party at all you have to set the mood BEFORE you arrive there. The mood starts with the jams in the car yo! otherwise you will be a dull fellow when you get there. You gots to enter the hall with a certain swag like ahhhhhhhh....... that's right, clear road, I've arrived!! loll
Singing.... pa ra ra ra pa ra ra ra...owo n'won fin do something ooo.....
And omg, this guy has Tims on agbada!! Lolll.... talk about swags. He kinda looking like good chocolate too..... lol.. oya let me stop behaving like an agbaya.... lol.
Enjoy the Video below..


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