Music We Love! Jaywon - Back To Sender!!

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I don't know who won't love this High Life o, on the realz it's a dope song! I'm an old school girl and I love High Life, Blues etc type of music. All that gra--gra...agbero loading @ oshodi kind of music that's circulating these days ain't doing it for me.
I can't but love when i see the Young'ins doing the unusual, kinda shows people they actually love music and sample different genre of music. This is what music is all about....the classics, redefining the classics and make it enjoyable......

This song is about sending back all the ills you don't want in the world. You know how someone will shepe for you but cos you are a christian and all you can't shepe back right? ehnn ooo so you now say back to sender to them. Ehnnnnn ooo, so this is it.lolllll

Oluwa ma se wa ni eni ti o ni...
Eda mi ma se mi ni eni ti o ni

Oriburuku back to sender
Ai ro mo bi back to sender
Ai lowo lo wo, back to sender



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