Welcome to 2016!

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Hiii Loves,

Happy New Year! I’m so super thankful for so many things. I’ve missed writing, but I needed the break to just chill, think, pray, wait on God, hear, think again, pray some more, gather momentum for my 2016 goals. I don’t do New Year resolutions. I stopped a few years ago and it works for me. However I have goals that I do not seriously set because I can be hard on myself, feeling disappointed in myself if I do not achieve what I planned to do. This just results in unconscious self-loath that just worsens everything. Now this is some form of reverse psychology for me and it works for me. At the end of the day I’m good. What works for you? How do you kick off a new year/season? I would love to hear!

So it’s a new month today! I can’t believe it’s already a month into the new year, as in!! I was just in Dubai for the New Year on vacation. How does time fly like this?
I hope to God everyone who visited this blog last year made it through into the New Year and is already on a great sail for 2016. I wish I had a magic wand and I could just wave it, wipe all your tears away, grant you all your heart’s desires…. Just make life perfect for you. One day sha…
I’ll resume posting as usual gist in a few days. Just got to get my stories. I literally shut my ears the entire January to aproko gist…lol…

I really do pray that this new month of February will be your best month yet. May everything you waited on God for in the month of January come to manifestation. May you find favor before God & man.  Nothing is ever difficult for you again. No one will ever ask where your God is. Before a need arises, God will make provision. You shall be happy and fulfilled this year 2016. Nothing passes you. And lastly, God will level all everlasting mountains & perpetual hills of problems; in Jesus Precious Name! Amen!!

I rejoice with you. I’m thankful for you. I look forward to great, great, great news from everyone this month & all through 2016!

Cheers & God Bless.

Love is a beautiful thing….