Pastors & the temptation called woman

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Okay, don't get me super wrong by the title. There are temptations called men too soooo I'm not coming for either sex per se, but the temptation that comes along with..

Raise your hands if you attended Holy Ghost Center, Ondo Town back in the mid to late 90's - early 2000's. I don't think anyone who lived or schooled in Ondo back then was unaware of Holy Ghost Center. It was THE place of worship for today's version of "awon omo wobe", or poshly put  The This Present House/Day Star folks; Yeah, this category of people. I am one of them.

So Holy Ghost Center just worked for the youth back then as a worship center. The crowd was young and hip, the choir was lit with their praise and worship, easily accessible with our towering heels, complete with Fan Yogurt parked dutifully outside after each service so we could buy frozen yogurt to cool our parched throat from all the singing and dancing, and stretching of neck to catch the eye of that guy or babe you fancied.
Then there was the Owner\Head Pastor of the church, Pastor A. Pastor A was quite older than the congregation, and had an easy going, gently, air about him. I mean he had kind eyes on him. He's definitely not the kind of person you see and are like why does this man resemble the devil like this. Or you just get turned off within seconds of meeting them and you don't want to be around them. He was nothing like this. He carried an air of fatherliness. He was just a nice person sha. I dunno how else to describe him. HGC Alumni, biko come and comment below ooo.

Bottom line is it was a good church with a good pastor and we liked our church jejely. Then one day it happened. We heard what happened, and We were all dumbfounded, distraught, sad, disappointed. Pastor A was having an affair with a church member. I can't even remember the timeline of this drama very well. I'm not sure if I was in Uni at Ado Ekiti back then or I had just left for the states. (Alumni people, biko what year did this drama happen?). What I do remember clearly were two things, I screamed NOOOOO, Noooooo., NOOOOO it's not possible. The second thought was wait, Pastor A was doing the kini??????wth! Pastors be doing this thing? Aren't they supposed to be preaching or reading their bible? What are they doing kini for? Why are they rumbling engines??? I mean, I know he had a wife and children but don't they retire from this aspect of marriage after the kids are done coming?

Yes, people, this was my thought process. Don't blame me. Besides the fact that this was almost 20yrs ago, I just sometimes do the most  when it comes to thinking about random sheeeeet all the time. Don't worry I'm working on it.

So anyway, back to Pastor A; I think the lady was a choir member or so. Mehnnnnn I was so disappointed. I didn't even have a one on one relationship with him but I just liked him from a distance. Pastor A ba nkan je. (Pastor A spoiled matter0
Needless to say, I believe that was the end of the Holy Ghost Center. The church did not bounce back after the scandal. It floated for a bit after that but I heard it eventually fizzled out. The devil visited a thriving church and took it out the one way it knew was almost a sure banker back then - infidelity on the part of the Pastor. If Pastor A had known back then, he would have denied the shege and have his attorneys tell us they are drafting a robust reply. We would have still been waiting almost 20 yrs. later while the church continued to grow.
The whole HGC issue came to my mind again yesterday as it does ever so often. Funny enough I still like Pastor A and I believe he made a grave mistake back then. I do not believe he was a serial wobe kinda Pastor, and has probably paid dearly for it. I wonder where he is today and wish I could get more info on him.

2 years ago, I attended a social event hosted by a church. I was invited by the pastor as we are sort of acquaintances.  After the event which was very nice, I walked over to say hello to the pastor, as in shey you can see I came ooo, so he won't accuse me of not coming for yet another event at his church that I was invited to.
We got gisting and then the reference to my looks started, and how pretty I am and always chicly dressed, and how do I handle all the men that come my way. I was like ahhhh Sir (But inside me I was like see this Pastor Wobe oo), I don't have men that come my way o, biko. I'm just ordinary and there are hundreds of correct babes in this town, who dash  me beauty. I was of course starting to feel a little uncomfortable, as I have always been around this pastor 'cos he always has this "appreciative look" about him that makes me believe he's definitely not thinking of Jesus Christ and how he died on the cross whenever he starts having that look. Anyways next thing was about Naija and how I'm always in Naija (I had just returned as a matter of fact) and I must like it a lot. Then fast forward to him saying he is going to be in Abuja in the coming month or so and would I like to accompany him - all expense paid. Me, trying to be as respectful as I can at this point in time upon discovering the devil is doing laps on this man; I jejely laughed it off and say ahhh no ooo Pastor so so so, I don't roll like that. His response was ahh I know I know, I can tell, I was just thinking maybe I can convince you. My gut feeling tells me this one is a serial chop\wipe mouth, wobe Pastor.
At this point in time I look around for the exit, glance at my watch, politely say my goodnight and walk as panla-ish as I could out of the building. The panla walk was to ensure there was no accidental twisting of my hips that could perhaps give him any ideas that I was simply playing hard to get.
I have since received several invites from the said Pastor to other events at his church. I have declined every single one of them and will continue to do so.

My thing is when a man of God is obviously being slapped around by the devil, or simply by greed and indiscipline, why do we women help them? I can't but imagine if we all said no to inappropriate advances from men like this, we would be helping in one way or another because at the end of the day they are human, and are prone to mistakes. But you know how they say, "To whom much is given, much is expected" and also "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown". Can't we women/men receiving this advances just say NO?


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Woman are special gift to mankind. They where created to assist man in decision making and also supporting man. But fortunately they are not really doing the purpose which they were created. Most woman have gone astray from the will of God..